Innovation & Entrepreneurship


In a highly interconnected, fast-moving world, business and innovation cycles have been shrinking like never before. Companies’ life has decreased to less than a third in the last 30 years. Democratization of innovation has opened limitless possibilities for many people, companies and regions around the world. Entrepreneurs, innovators and startups, in particular, have taken advantage of the opportunities that digital transformation is currently taking place.

This MicroMasters® program consisting of 6 online courses is dedicated to understanding:

  • Strategy, key concepts and tools that entrepreneurs require to create value and scale their business projects or new venture.
  • Methodologies for solving problems and innovative solutions that require research, persistence and determination.
  • Business models and how to start a new entrepreneurial project or build a growth company; how to build, manage and maintain corporate venture capital and a corporate entrepreneurship mechanism for innovation; and the specific tools and models to create synergy in the family business and develop a transgenerational entrepreneurial spirit.

This program is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship for startups, corporations and family businesses. Moreover, gives sources of innovation and best practices that can be applied on marketing strategies helping to open up to new markets.

For more info or enroll: MicroMaster®  Innovación y emprendimiento – edX.